The first patent for Radio

Guglielmo Marconi the household name for inventors. This young Italian genius and experimenter in England transmitted radio signals at a distance of 1.5 miles in 1895. He submitted his invention under the name of Improvements in Transmitting Electrical Impulses and Signals and in Apparatus on March 2, 1897, and received patent No. 586,193 for the radio.

The Tesla-Marconi patent war also taints the story of the radio patent. Initially, it was Tesla who invented the design. Still, a fire incident at his lab pushed his work behind and allowed Marconi to move forward and demonstrate his invention, even using his patents of Tesla in his invention. With the investments of Edison and Andrew Carnegie, Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, Ltd. Won the battle of the patent in the US and got the sole propriety on radio technology in 1904.

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